Saturday, May 31, 2008

The feedback about the course by Au Wing Kai

1. What did you like the most about learning about Web 2?
In the course, I learn some useful information about web 2.0. I like some useful tools. This can help me to share some interesting information on the web. I like use the slideshow. This is very interesting and useful to show some powerpoint on the blog. This can add some picture and website in the slideshow . This is very good tools to use share knowledge with the public.

2. Is there anything you learnt in this course that you would use in your work?
I learnt many skills in this course. I think that these is very helpful in my school work. I will try to use the blog to display my library information and activities. I also use the youtubo to show some movies such as book sharing ,storytelling and book talk on the web. This is very good media to promote my school.

3. Did you like using blog to organize your portfolio and why?
I like using blog to organize my portfolio. It is user-friendly and attactive. I can upload many media on my blog to organize my portfolio.I can add some pictures to introduce my idea to public .Therefore I will using blog to organize your portfolio because the WEB 2.0 which becomes much common use in the future. I need learn some skills of blog.This is very important

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