Sunday, May 25, 2008

The feedback about the course by Seto Pik Yan

I have no ideas about Web 2.0 before studying the lessons. I am interested that Web 2.0 is a metaphor for a spectrum of emerging novel internet applications. It functions as user control of information, subscribing and relationships and new forms of expression. Examples of these are blogs, wikis, social spaces, RSS Feeds, API for Mashups and podcasting.

The most I like learning about Web 2 is that social bookmarking, for example ‘delicious’. It shares and be quick capture digital content. It is an easy way to manage the favorite websites. The favorite bookmarks can be well-organized. It can be used in educational purpose such as sharing of resources. Students are easily to use and they can learn how to organize the information. It is convenient to find useful websites and search the information.

During the lessons, I found it is quite a bit difficult to learn because I had not learnt before. Even though I am difficulty in learning, they are useful in my work. I will try to create my school library blog and make it attractive. Wikis, slide shares, social bookmarking, RSS Feeds, API for Mashups, mind mapping and podcasting are put in the blog in order to provide useful information. Nevertheless, I found online mind mapping could be used in teaching project learning. Teachers can use it to teach how to organize different information. Students can use it to classify different information.

I like using blog to organize my portfolio. It is convenient and user-friendly. I can upload updated information and well-organized it. Also, our group members can share information and respond to each other. It is a good platform. When I studied Secondary School, I used papers to do my portfolio. It wasted a lot of papers and just paper works. However, the blog is in the Web and it is active, such as videos (Youtube). The portfolio can be attractive.

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